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About A Little Bling

My love for Dawn and her friends goes way back to my childhood. I was never a Barbie girl, my mother bought Dawn dolls for me instead.

I didn’t give Dawn a second thought until the mid 90's. It all started when my grandmother asked me to take her to a local doll show - I saw a Dawn doll and I was hooked!

My grandmother used to have her own doll clothing line for the [now] vintage Ginny and 8" Madame Alexander dolls. She sold her Tiny Togs to the Frederick & Nelson department store in downtown Seattle (it closed in 1992 after 98 years of business). After I rediscovered Dawn she started helping me sew outfits for my new dolls. Every weekend I'd go up to her house, take her grocery shopping and do some chores around the house for her, and when that was all done we would sew! I knew how to sew but not how to sew doll clothes, she taught me tips and tricks of sewing on such a small scale. She had boxes of vintage fabrics and trims that we'd go through to find just the right combination for our next project - it was so much fun!

And that's what led up to A Little Bling... A Little Bling consists of a few people; My name is Maria Glenn, my husband Terry takes care of the website so I can have a catalog of my creations. My mother Durell makes some accessories, you can see an example of her work on my Night on the Town pantsuit. And various others join me occasionally for combined projects (noted in photos description) and for my part, I like to sew a bit.

Take you for taking the time to check out our website!

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